These natural handcrafted soap bars are filled with skin loving ingredients, that are known to help improve your skin health, filled with rich vitamins, essential oils, butters and antioxidants.

Spa Bar

Face soap
  • Our Turmeric Bar is made with Argan oil which is known to protect from sun damage, has anti-aging effects, treats acne, and moisturizes skin. Tea tree and Turmeric of couse is known to help with acne breakouts, and lighten scars. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. And last but not least Orange Essential oil known to have Antibacterial properties great for acne also and Promotes cell growth and collagen.

    W/ Ginger & Coconut Milk: 

    Along with all the amazing benefits of whats above we also handcrafted a Turmeric soap bar with Ginger essential oil which is known to have antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflamatory. properties. Cocomut Milk has tons of vit C which is known to help maintain elasticity. Coconut Milk is also known to contain copper and prevent wrinkles.

  • Our Rose & Charcoal handcrafted soap is a total spa bar! Its full of skin loving ingredients, like shea butter, rose clay, and activated charcoal. You'll also love the classic yet impactful scent of tea tree and lavender essential oils.


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