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As a leading Online Bath & Body Products Store, we make sure to give our clients the utmost attention and service they deserve. We’re proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of our valued clients. Check out some of their experiences below, and see why you should be shopping with us too.

I just want to say thank you so much for the candles, it was right on point. I must say the smell was awesome and it set the mood real nice. I already recommend it to all my friends. Great job, just keep up the good work!!!

Irvin Charles


I met Denise at a vendor event and she was so nice and welcoming! Her products are great quality and I love that she donates to children with Apraxia! I purchased a lavender candle and calming amethyst soap and absolutely love the products! Will be purchasing again especially knowing that some of the profit is going to such a great cause!

Sheila Lee

Laylani scented candles are the best candles I have purchased. The scented candles are so relaxing and smells soooo good. It burns slow and you get what you pay for. So go and purchase some candles and I promise you will enjoy it.

Byron Foster

Laylani Crafts scented candles are magnificent!!! Prior to buying her candles I never found a candle that completely gets the job done but once I found her candles gave my apartment such a fragrance that was beyond compare comparison to anyone else! If you are reading this you must experience her candles trust me they are great!!!!!

Leonard Mann

Loving my candles!!! They smell amazing;))) Thanks again.

Adrienne Bayvel Benitez

Her candles are a STAPLE in my home. Soft smelling and soothing.

Paula Aimee Soriano Garcia

I bought 3 large candles just for my wife, but when she burned tehm, the aroma drifted over and I asked her what she was wearing. When she told me it was Love Spell and it was not perfume, it was one of the candles I bought, I was wowed, to say the least. I've since bought some for my aunt and niece in Georgia. I mailed them and they thought it was great.

David Lyons

AMAZING Products! The candles, the bath bombs, the BEAUTIFUL Baskets and lets NOT forget....THE CAUSE! Apraxia Awareness! These beautiful and amazing children need OUR voices. I am beyond satisfied with every product I've purchased and have been gifted. Looking forward to any every new product coming! Keep up the great work and keep that voice for Apraxia LOUD! THANK YOU LaylaniCrafts.

Judith Rolon



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